Download BrowseList

BrowseList retrieves the browse list in a Windows network. The output list contains computer names and the roles they play in the network. For example, you can see which are PDC, BDC, stand-alone servers and workstations. You can also see the system comments (which can be fascinating reading).

Usage instructions

Download the exe file and run it from the Command Prompt. If you run it without parameters, it asks your system for the browse list. If you specify an IP address as the parameter, it asks that system for the browse list instead.

Questions and answers

Q: How do I redirect or stop the output?

A: You can redirect the output to a file by appending for example "> file.txt" at the end of what you write at the Command Prompt. You can stop the output by appending "| more".

Q: What do I write to retrieve the browse list from a remote system, say

A: This: "browselist".

Q: When I double-click on the file a window comes up and disappears immediately. What's wrong?

A: You must run the file from a Command Prompt.